About CONVERT CARBON project


Why should you invest in Convert Carbon Project?

By choosing to invest in this project you choose to take a stand against a growing issue, in an industry that is in desperate need of innovation, in which accountability for ones actions is a must.


In order to change the way things are done today, which led us to the sad reality of present days, we need to take immediate action. By combining the latest and most secure storing data solution (blockchain) with the technical advancements made in sorting and recycling equipment, Convert Carbon is focusing on the transparency and traceability in an industry that has a lot of unknown data.

When it comes to exact numbers, nobody knows which companies, from the manufacturer’s side, are involved in recycling, even though actions are starting to take place in this regards. Exact data in terms of recycling volumes separated by companies, types of packaging, areas, etc, are still a broad subject and accountability will be an important topic between the regulators.


We come forward to meet this need with a solution that gives the opportunity for everybody to get involved. People will get rewarded for the act of recycling, companies get more accurate data about the life cycle of their products and a digital proof that they are complying with the regulators and we all get to improve the quality of life around us.

What is the impact of your investment?

In terms of impact, you can think about it from two directions: economic impact for your portfolio and an impact on your overall quality of life.

Your portfolio will have added an investment in one of the first real application of blockchain in everyday life, which take advantages of all the benefits with little to no drawbacks. All the technology we are using exists, it’s just a matter of putting all the pieces together and make the ecosystem function properly.


Imagine what your investment look like when transparency becomes mandatory, when proof of recycling will be the norm for local authorities, when everybody will recycle and will be rewarded instantly in their wallet for it. Nobody said it will be easy, but we are slowly going digital in every aspect of our lives, why not recycling?


Impacting your quality of life is another thing that should be considered when thinking about this investment. Yes, it will take some time before recycling will be an everyday fact of life, but think about how the world will look like for your children? How about your grandchildren? Somebody has to make the first step; why not you? Why not us?

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Advantages of recycling and the supporting legislation

Besides the obvious and well documented reasons behind supporting a circular and sustainable ecosystem, recycling looks like the only solution for repurposing the existing reusable materials in our everyday life. It is a reality that plastic and waste is suffocating our planet and immediate action is required from micro to macro levels. The issue is so big that only the collective effort of everyone will tip the scale in the right direction. 


To help create a proper climate EU parliament have signed and approved what is known as the “ European Green Deal” in 1st of December 2019, a  set of policy initiatives by the European Commission with the overarching aim of making Europe climate neutral in 2050. An impact assessed plan will also be presented to increase the EU’s greenhouse gas emission reductions target for 2030 to at least 50% and towards 55% compared with 1990 levels. The plan is to review each existing law on its climate merits, and also introduce new legislation on the circular economybuilding renovation, biodiversity, farming and innovation.

Sustainable Industry

Another target area to achieve the EU’s climate goals is the introduction of the Circular Economy Industrial policy. In March 2020, the EU announced their Industrial Strategy with its aim to “empower citizens, revitalizes regions and have the best technologies.” Key points of this policy area include boosting the modern aspects of industries, influencing the exploration and creation of “climate neutral” circular economy friendly goods markets. This further entails the “decarbonisation and modernization of energy-intensive industries such as steel and cement.”


“Sustainable products”

Policy is also projected to be introduced which will focus on reducing the wastage of materials. This aims to ensure products will be reused and recycling processes will be reinforced. The materials particularly focused on include “textiles, construction, vehicles, batteries, electronics and plastics.” The European Union is also of the opinion that it “should stop exporting its waste outside of the EU” and it will therefore “revisit the rules on waste shipments and illegal exports” The EU also mentioned that “the Commission will also propose to revise the rules on end-of-life vehicles with a view to promoting more circular business models.

Money flow in the Carbon ecosystem

The Convert Carbon project works with the circular economy in mind, therefore everything aims to be as efficient as possible.


The client: goes to RVM → does the recycling → selects one of the available payment options available in our mobile app → gets his reward according to the materials he recycled not the number.


Convert Carbon: collects the recycled materials → reinvests the capital into the markets by buying the token and maintains the liquidity.


Companies: get involved in the recycling process → get access in our business platform → get the proof of recycling → get access to exact database of recycled products by packaging, quantity, frequency, area, type, etc. Transparency, traceability, security  = responsibility

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Although we started on ERC20 blockchain as a base layer for our ecosystem the network fees would not allow the long term feasibility of our project and after careful analysis we decided to expand to Elrond Network. It suits our use case perfectly and the platform that it provides is perfect for what us and our users/future customers need in terms of security, speed and reliability. So, moving forward our token will be an ESDT token. We do not exclude further expansions in the future, but for now we are more than happy with our choice.

How will the token keep its value?

We are currently looking at multiple options working at the same time that combined will not only keep the value of the token, will actually increase it:


  • The price of the token will be balanced against the market value of the recycled materials ( plastic, glass, aluminum, etc) – the recycled materials will be sold to a recycler and the value reinvested in the token
  • The listing contract will have  5% going into a liquidity pool in the exchange, 3 % divided to the token holders and 2% going into marketing and development
  • Our app will provide multiple payment options for the consumer (direct link to his exchange wallet, a Defi staking option with multiple timeframes to choose from)
  • Our long term plans also include the construction of a recycling plant that will create a fully functional circular economy system and will close the recycling loop.
convert carbon partenrships

Development and partnerships

On the development and partnership side of things we are working tirelessly to deliver on our promises:


  • We have a signed NDA and we’re working with one of the biggest RVM manufactures in the world on finding the best solutions for blending our blockchain technology with their state of the art equipment
  • We have upgraded our website to create a more comprehensive image of our project highlighting the benefits, the long term plans and which is permanently updated with all our progress
  • We started developing the content, layout and functionalities of our app, which includes but will not be limited to a connection to a blockchain wallet, multiple payment options, a RVM locator, information in regards to your recycling activities and the impact you created, etc
  • We are actively researching the best cross chain options for a faster, smoother and fee-les transaction
  • We are analyzing the best staking options for our clients, if they choose to do so


More public information will be released as the discussions are finalized and contracts are signed, but not before.

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